Glory be to *God*, our Father, in Heaven through 

*Jesus Christ Our Lord*, Amen!


Greetings to my fellow readers and Welcome to new ones!!

I think the date is 31 May, 1359 at the rule of King Edward III was leading his people, it was reported to be the time of the plague in Merry Old England but on this date was the coming of Pentacost and the Holy Spirit. At Pentacost! Keep praying out there. As long as we are with God he will be with us. He stopped what was worse than a pandemic. The Beubonic Plague and Neumonic Plague were ended, ceasesed by God Almighty. Praise the Lord our God, he is One!! This is good news!! 9 months of continuous carnage with the rain causing 9 months of saturation and all at once the Lord Jesus Christ ended it. Just like that. This pandemic will be here only as it serves the Lord's purpose. When his purpose is complete, there will be an end to this pestilence.

Praise to the Lord God in heaven who blesses and rewards according to His will!!

I called a few people today to ask what were they doing for services. Most are doing what we are. Others are holding sevices one on one to others. By this they meant on the phone, in Hall ways while other stay inside and listen and still others went out in emty yards and preached to people as they looked out their windows.

The preachers were very creative and not afraid of the virus though they made sure no one was close to them and they weren't close to others. They wore masks and were very giving for questions, updates and virus updates.

I thought these were very creative. Just a tid-bit of encouragement from around the state. Amen.

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"Welcome to my thoughts..." and welcome Women of Faith A Spiritual Website!!

Hello my brothers and sisters! I just wanted to send you a "happy hello!" We all need that in such serious times. I pray that you and your families never tire of being together just in case this all takes a minute (🛐).

Today I want to ask you if you have been spending time with the elders in your family. You know they have much to say about everything in history as well as today and you could learn a lot from them, also your kids.

Another question I have for you is how much time are you spending with your grands and greatgrand who are always so inquisitive with whatever is in the immediate room:0?

What about those really little babies that are kind of collicie. Are you holding them and walking them around the room around the clock?

I have talked to many people on my site that I have an entire list of things to do with your family while all together. I haven't written them in yet because I wanted to see your response to it.

Have a great, "rest of your getting together". I'm Tanya Lawton with "Welcome to my thoughts..."

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