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My name is Tanya E. Partin Lawton, Ordained Deacon/Ordained Women's Ministry and Revival Leader at Women of Faith A Spiritual Website.  I have studied with the Christian Leaders Institute and my home-church, the Fall River Church of Chist.  I created WofFASW on April 23, 2011 and began higher learning classes with seminary studies at the Christian Leaders Institute in 2015.  I have logged 43 hours of credit and my GPA is 2.793.  I am now a revival leader for the Christian Leaders Institute and I am available for travel to do Speaking Engagements, retreats, workshops, and other events on Christian learning.  I also teach women on the site to do Bible studies and make disciples with the 1st Principles studies program.

Welcome to one of the best websites for spiritual information.  Everything printed here is free and you are welcome to use them for the advancement of the kingdom of God.  We'll explore, together, some of the most exciting biblical people, especially the women of the Bible.  All information in the scriptures are good for training, teaching, instructing and even rebuking in the Spirit so don't be afraid or ashamed to dig in and delve deep so that you will be ready for anything th hiat comes your way.  Please leave your names, numbers and comments.  They will all be answered in a timely fashion.  Again, welcome to WofFASW and to God be the glory!

Praise to the Lord God in heaven who blesses and rewards according to His will!!  There are some new formats that you will see very soon.  I have to type each one in so it will take a little time.  But, no problems!  This information is so new and so involving that you won't even notice.  There is a format that will remain the same and that in the 1st Principles Studies.  These studies are invaluable and must remain a staple on Women of Faith A Spiritual Website.

"Welcome to my thoughts..." 

"Welcome to my thoughts..."

Do you remember in the Bible when Moses went to Ramses and told him one more plague will come on Egypt but by Ramses' own hand or command (the plague of the first born).

Outside of Ramses, our situation is the same. Where as the angel of death came into the city, slowly but fatally and lambs blood was what Moses told Joshua to put on the doorframes so that death would pass over those households who obeyed God.

Just picture, from the movie "The Ten Commandments", that sliding, concentraded, eery flow of florescent, green fog, that crept along the ground hunting for the souls laid waist because of the mandating, disobedient self obsored tyrrant who is Ramses.

I write these stories of scripture and the similarities because Jesus said to his discipals, "Can't you even keep watch for one hour?" Also, God says, "Because I am watching."

Sharing an authentic scripture to call our attention to what they actually say brothers and sisters. Amen.

"Welcome to my thoughts..."

I just wanted to catch you up on the latest on Covid-19 in relation to Advil or Ibuprofen. It was said not to use these products but those findings were not conclusive.

A Healtline report for March 20, the latest, states that experts say there's no clear evidence that ibuprofen makes Covid-19 worse.

One thing specific to Covid-19 is that some lab experiments are showing that ibuprofen may boost the amount of ACE2 receptors that the virus uses to infect cells and could make the virus spread faster. But that's just theoretical.

Speaking as a avid, Advil user, and I use it for all aches, pains and so forth (can't take Tylenol), I wanted to see where we were going with the announcement not to use it. I had to. It is my only source for relief of some ailments I have.

Though I have heard many things about the Covid-19 virus, I had to research this for my well being. Use it or not it has no scientific bearing on Covid-19.

This is as far as I know. If you find something that counters that please, comment. I would love to know about it.

The Messangers and the Message

Men Who Dreamed!

This is a very special performance of the Boston Church of Christ and all our disciples.  This song makes you simply want to go out and save souls.