Introduction & Book of John

Glory be to *God*, our Father, in Heaven through 

*Jesus Christ Our Lord*, Amen!


Hello all!

Liz here with big "HELLO" for you. I have been away working on my 3rd book, Without Souls. Without Souls is one of those forboding, find out in the next chapter kind of book. There is so much information that no one can be confused or bored with it. My book is going to change the way we think of family and the way look at everything else.

My ministry, Titus II, is just about ready for the presses. I am going back to the churches  and I am looking forward to presenting them with "The Ministry for the Ages." I am bringing them a ministry that will make all the difference in the church. The Women's Ministry is a vital, poinient yet gentle and spirited all at the same time.

Value the women in your lives because they do everything that you don't. I was studying with the Christian Leaders Institute, as I do daily, and I am studying the Women's Ministry, People Smart for Ministry and Deaconship. The Women's Ministry helps women define their roll in ministry. Women are great taking care of home and children but the Bible helps us to define us in even more appropriate areas that we've neglected for so on. God is calling women to special ministry and the smartest women on the earth will answer the call and bring friends along. You're in for a vintage ministry when you are a woman.😇

Your Fall River Friend😇

I created this logo after my Ordination for my website. The 'W's' underneath stands for "Women of Faith A Spiritual Website." Above, Wearing the Full Armor of God is the woman of God, a Knight, a Rider, brandishing the sword of the Spirit, with blade and pink crossguard. Also it stands for WomenSteeringWomen.

Time in Fall River:

Introduction to The First Principles

Bible Studies

The Book of John

To begin building your faith and start the

First Principles by reading the Book of

John first, memorize a few scriptures and

then you will begin to see how it helps

you to get aquainted with our brother

Jesus Christ our Lord.