Introduction & Book of John

Glory be to *God*, our Father, in Heaven through 

*Jesus Christ Our Lord*, Amen!

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Greetings to my readers and Welcome to new ones!!

Praise be to the God of Moses, the God and Father of Jesus Christ and our eternal Lord.  God is loves us so much that he gave his One and Only Son as a spiritual, full bodied sacrifice for us.  There aren't any people on this earth that would give so whole heartedly from the heart as God does.  I want to share my God with you and show you how he loves you.  Welcome to the website and I pray that sharing God with you will be fulfilling.

The Millennium Generation is a generation that may not know God and the nexy generation may be oblivius even to his name.  As a family learns of him the more the retention of his name and ways will be embeded in their hearts.  This is real and very sad for the nations that once knew our loving God and Father.  Keep reading and learning how to find the Lord and love him as he does you.

Introduction to The First Principles

Bible Studies

The Book of John

To begin building your faith and start the

First Principles by reading the Book of

John first, memorize a few scriptures and

then you will begin to see how it helps

you to get aquainted with our brother

Jesus Christ our Lord.