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Hey all!

The Contact sheet on the mission page was giving me some difficulty but it is working like a well-oiled machine now, as God is a God of order and not disorder. Amen!!

There is also a form presented, especially with you in mind, to join my mailing list. I will be sending all mailing list members a Newsletter, contest information, quizzes and entries for the Website Wonder Woman Honorable Mention on the "Jesus is your Friend for Life" page and much, much more. As soon as I have 10, mind you only 10, people who the join mailing list you will begin to receive a "Welcome Package for Membership on WofFASW.

You will be completely ensconced on this website when you participate by entering your name and entries.

Come on Brothers and Sister in the Faith, help me make Women of Faith A Spiritual Website the most Spiritual Website for Women and church activities. Four years ago I joined a very active, women's group website called the National Association of Professional Women and Forbes Magazine named us the Best of 100 Websites for Women. When I left there I was a two-time holder of the VIP Members Honor (2013 -2014, 2015-2016) VIP Professional Women of the Year. This would be great! This is a wonderous way to reach out to professionals and other Women's Groups in order to make disciples. Please, join me in this revolution to Seek and Save the Lost. I need you all to participate. Help me out.

I also need sponsors to keep the website up to date and running smoothly. This means keeping me on the internet ( $30.00 a month, keeping me in supplies like ink and paper, pencils and pens (20.00 a month. That is the most of what I need. Right now I am supporting the site.

I am grateful to have a church that cares about each other. The Boston International Christian Church fanned this idea into the wind and I caught it. Make it the best website for the advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen!

Your Fall River Friend

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Hello everyone!

I want to share with you about my Sister-in-Christ, Sheri Ortiz. You know Sheri is a thinker, right?. Well, I am too. We spent time last night, about 3 hours together, speaking to each other on the phone, Sister to Sister. Now, Sheri and I, if you know us, can talk for six hours straight through, standing on our heads, without breaking each other's rythm. I met her at my home after I was ill for some time which was after my restoration.

Sheri and I hadn't spoken for a while and there was nothing wrong. We just hadn't connected. I was reaching out to her as she was working very hard for her and her family also the body of Christ. I think I got a little home-sick for you all.

We talked about how much we love to talk to one another and how we were going to make it happen everyday by praying on the phone together every evening. I am so excited that I get to pray with her more often because it will keep us connected and holy in the Spirit of Christ.

We spoke of other things of God and of Christ and came up with a great idea for the advancement of the kingdom. She was speaking on the subject of children that have the best advantage in life if they have the opportunity to know God through there Born-Again Parents. This is a great thought as even today I was speaking with Malissa, who calls me to encourage me and let me know that I am loved and missed, she gave me the challenge that the body received from Mike (Hi Mike and Chenelle, I'm ok). This is a beautiful thing as Donnie Brasco said. Noel has a video posted with him saying the steps of Salvation. I don't even know them by heart but I have declared I will repent and learn them.

Noel has godly Parents who love and trust God with their son in everything. If we don't know what he knows we need to repent. The Bible says that, "a child shall lead them". The proof is in the pudding. I believe that Single Mothers will benefit from this knowledge, in the kingdom or in the world.

We will also go out on Wednesday and share for as long as we can. I believe the goal is 1 study each. We will do this in Fall River, where we live. We are already blessed so great things will happen as we stay on the same page (prayer).

You will see this writing on the Website. We must share with people what is happening in the kingdom.

A little note for Kat: We didn't forget you. We had just a little delay. God willing we will see you on Sunday.

By all, pray nothing gets in the way of me and you for Sunday. I love you and miss you. I hope you have lots to talk about.

Love Your Sister-in-Christ

Fighting for Our Right to be "Good"

Fighting for Our Right to be "Good"

$ 13.50 USD

All of a sudden I felt myself reaching for that watch. I grabbed it slowly and hurried it into my pocket. I never could afford nice things and something said ‘you can have it now’. I started to look around slowly because I felt eyes on me. No one was looking but those eyes…I felt them and then I started to fell every eye in the store fixed on me. These would go so good with my outfit – I just couldn’t stop now. As I was shaking in my stilettos while stealing I went out of the doors of the store praying the alarm doesn’t go off. I knew who was really watching. We all do when we are engaging in sin. We know that God is watching (Jeremiah 1:12) and we know we will reap what we’ve sewn and be punished by the Almighty, any moment now with a lightning bolt (we think). We know this to be true, it could actually happen. It could but it isn’t likely, though sin will keep us from going home to the Father. When we are called to account we will be found wanting without the salvation we have in Christ.

"Found in a Garbage Can" Generation X

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