The Mission & The Persecution

Fighting for Our Right to be "Good"

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All of a sudden I felt myself reaching for that watch. I grabbed it slowly and hurried it into my pocket. I never could afford nice things and something said ‘you can have it now’. I started to look around slowly because I felt eyes on me. No one was looking but those eyes…I felt them and then I started to fell every eye in the store fixed on me. These would go so good with my outfit – I just couldn’t stop now. As I was shaking in my stilettos while stealing I went out of the doors of the store praying the alarm doesn’t go off. I knew who was really watching. We all do when we are engaging in sin. We know that God is watching (Jeremiah 1:12) and we know we will reap what we’ve sewn and be punished by the Almighty, any moment now with a lightning bolt (we think). We know this to be true, it could actually happen. It could but it isn’t likely, though sin will keep us from going home to the Father. When we are called to account we will be found wanting without the salvation we have in Christ.

Fighting for Our Right to be "Good"

The Conference

Marriage Ceremonies

Family Counseling

Marriage Counseling

Individual Counseling                      

Individual Bible Studies                    


Family Counseling

Hospital & Prison Visits

Home Visits & Blessings                                          
Church Visits
Adult Baptisms  

The Efficient Officiant
Minister Tanya  Partin Lawton
1820 Highland Avenue #45
Fall River, Massachusetts  02720

508-617-8809 & 508-558-2594

Transformed by God Almighty & Empowered by the Holy Spirit &
Set in motion by Our Lord Jesus Christ
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